Our Vision:
This conference will bring together frontline workers, service providers, policymakers, researchers, students, etc., from a variety of disciplines and fields, to share knowledge, experience, tools, and resources related to the impacts of sexual violence trauma.

Mission & Commitments:
To create a space to foster diverse understandings of sexual violence trauma and elevate best practices, programs, and services being offered, in order to enhance response to victims/survivors and those at risk.

The conference is committed to offering keynotes and breakout sessions that provide diverse perspectives and practical tools for those whose work is impacted by service users’ experiences of sexual violence.

Break-Out Sessions (45 mins)
Pre-recorded sessions (15-30 minutes)
Student Symposium (10-minute poster)
To offer maximum flexibility for attendees and presenters

Attendees: $125
Student Attendees: $75
Conference Presenters: Free

We invite expressions of interest from those who wish to share knowledge through breakout sessions, pre-recorded sessions and student presentations. Presentations will speak to current practices, policies and/or research initiatives from Canada and abroad related to systemic response to impacts of sexual violence trauma.


Questions/ Inquiries?

Please Contact: RSACConference2021@uregina.ca

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